International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics – June 2015

In June of 2015, I presented at the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics in Bari, Italy.  At this conference, I presented on Using technology to prepare for life after graduation – ePortfolios.  I was also invited to present on ePortfolios to the Meeting on eLearning and Innovation, which is comprised of faculty and administrators from eastern European countries and Italy on the same topic.  The presentation was done to the private meeting on June 12th.

IFKAD brings together academicians, young researchers, practitioners and policy makers from different fields to provide an opportunity for discussion and debate regarding the strategic relevance and role of the knowledge-based value drivers characterizing the XXI century business landscape.

The Meeting on eLearning and Innovation was sponsored by members of the Blending Academic and Entrepreneurial Knowledge in Technology Enhanced Learning (BAEKTEL).  BAEKTEL is a project funded by the European Union, through EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), as part of the Tempus program, which promotes and supports innovation projects, specifically in higher education

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