Fraternal Awards

In 2000, I became the Faculty Advisor to the Gamma-Rho Chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.  Since 2000, I have served as the Chapter Director for the Gamma-Rho (Western Michigan University), Theta-Theta (Ferris State University), and Theta-Eta (Old Dominion University) Chapters of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International.  I have been recognized for my work with the Chapters with whom I have worked.

Western Michigan University 2002 Golden Bronco Advisor of the Year Winner

Western Michigan University 2003 Golden Bronco Advisor of the Year Finalist

Western Michigan University 2004 Golden Bronco Advisor of the Year Winner

Ferris State University 2006-2007 Greek Advisor of the Year

Ferris State University 2007-2008 Campus Advisor of the Year Award Finalist

Old Dominion University Office of Student Life and Activities 2009 Donald K. Marchaund Outstanding Greek Alumni Award

Sigma Pi Fraternity, International 2010-2012 Lyle H. Smith Outstanding Chapter Director of the Biennium


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Chief Diversity Officer/Executive Director of Wesleyan Engaged: Civic Leadership and Service Learning