World Universities Forum – January 2012

In January of 2012, I and three colleagues presented at the World Universities Forum in Rhodes, Greece at the University of the Aegean.  Two presentations were done at the conference.  The first was “A Comparative Analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom Higher Education Gift Giving System” and the second was “Quality Assurance in Higher Education:  A Comparative Examination of the United States, Hong Kong, and Australia.”

The World Universities Forum seeks to explore the meaning and purpose of the academy in times of striking social transformation. These discussion forums bring together university administrators, teachers and researchers to discuss the prospects of the academy and to exemplify or imagine ways in which the university can take a leading and constructive role in the transformations of our times.

Today, universities face significant challenges to their traditional position in society. Contemporary knowledge systems are becoming more distributed and learning ubiquitous. Where does this leave the university, as an historically specialized and privileged place for certain kinds of knowledge and learning, as an institutionally bounded space? What do these changes mean for the mission and structures of the renewed university? What are emerging as principal areas of the academic interest?

157 thoughts on “World Universities Forum – January 2012”

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